Barnstaple & District Men's Skittles League

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Plough Pullers 374 Bogeymen 386

Loxhore 426 Exeter Bibbers 445

Goodly Knights 488 Demons 414

Goodleigh Perishers 466 Fox Boys 452

Kneaders Pairs 421 Goodleigh Lads 378

S and T 457 Ringers 403

Mad Hatters PP Odds and Ends PP


Black Widows PP King Pins PP

Barn Bombers 426 Yarnscombe 395

Muddiford Stars 409 Amen Corner 435

Stoke Stars 486 Barnstaple Cc 461

Tawstock Rangers 414 Nippitts 424

Nokkers 374 Lovepants 350

Three Pigeons B 389 Shirwell 376


No Hopers 415 Heroic Failures 468

Lumberjacks 391 Newton Boys 396

Old Guys Drule 429 C Team 378

Middlemen 355 Rising Sons 385

No Beer Just Coke 484 Hit Men 433

A Team 396 Mounties 427

Wing and a Prayer 429 Sarnians 452


The Knights 423 Loxhore Lynchpins 409

Flintstones 408 Pheasant Pluckers 417

Ebberley Rejects 395 Crankers 400

Bye N/A Sub Contractors N/A

Lionhearts 471 BBC Boys 416

Landkey Lads 474 Diplomats 509

Rockafellas 408 Regency 424


Plough Inn St 351 Barn Bangers 365

Untouchables 436 Raiders 393

Hughies Heroes 328 Plough Boys 335

Thirsty Farmers 427 Assorted Peanuts 443

J R Terriers 393 Jokers 418

X Men 422 Tristars 406

Excels N/A Bye N/A


Goodleigh Vipers 375 Taste The Rainbow 380

Vultures 369 Jesters 336

U S B C N/A Bye N/A

Country Lads 380 Pin Heads 384

Foxhunters 439 Alley Moles 392

Castle Knights 371 Dodos 415

Rollers 384 Tarka Terrors 349

High Team score, Diplomats have scored a woppidy hoppidy how’s your Luck 509 to put them 2 points clear of Division 4, they beat Landkey Lads 474.

High Individual scores, 81 M Rippon Hit Men, 79 D Mackie No Beer Just Coke, 77 D Ley Raiders, 75 M Comer Loxhore, L Cole Exeter Bibbers, 74 J Mock Diplomats, 73 A Worth Dodos, AM Pennyfield No Beer Just Coke, B Symons Stoke Stars, C Brown Lionhearts, P Williams Assorted Peanuts, 72 J Symons Stoke Stars, 71 I Tossell Exeter Bibbers, S Phillips Goodly Knights, J Thompson S and T, C Withey Goodleigh Perishers, P McEndoo Barnstaple Cc.

High spares, 24 J Tapp Lumberjacks, 24 M Harris Diplomats, 23 D Ley Raiders.

High recorded rub, 102 Lionhearts.

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