Barnstaple & District Men's Skittles League

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Bogeymen 539 Loxhore 385

Demons 457 Goodleigh Lads 395

Shirwell 432 Mad Hatters 454

Dawns Extinguishers 353 Small and Tidmas 389

Kneaders Pairs 453 Goodleigh Perishers 426

Ringers 473 Goodly Knights 447

Exeter Bibbers 476 Plough Pullers 438


King Pins 446 Yarnscombe 429

Lovepants 442 Stoke Stars 411

Odds and Ends 444 Amen Corner 410

Nippitts 435 Heroic Failures 414

Fox Boys 492 Barn Bombers 504

Nokkers 435 Muddiford Stars 377

Black Widows 376 Woodpeckers 359

Yarnscombe 402 Amen Corner 423


Newton Boys 374 Tawstock Rangers 419

Three Pigeons B 366 No Beer Just Coke 345

A Team 410 Rockafellas 383

Middlemen 370 Lumberjacks 342

Diplomats 392 Rising Sons 406

Hit Men 463 C Team 485

Barnstaple Cc 447 No Hopers 431


BBC Boys 489 Old Guys Drule 454

J R Terriers 401 Flintstones 392

Thirsty Farmers 479 Wing and a Prayer 468

Phoenix 356 Regency 405

Lionhearts 430 Landkey Lads 423

Crankers 415 Mounties 495

Sarnians 424 Pheasant Pluckers 399

J R Terriers 433 Regency 430


Plough Boys N/A Bye N/A

Jokers 462 The Knights 486

Alley Moles 372 Ebberley Rejects 378

Foxhunters 388 Plough Inn St 397

Loxhore Lynchpins 422 Hughies Heroes 394

Tristars 471 Untouchables 416

Assorted Peanuts 368 X Men 390

Sub Contractors 391 Raiders 393


U S B C 374 Excels 383

Barn Bangers 421 Castle Knights 384

Ebberley Arms 346 Country Lads 363

Pin Heads 417 Vultures 388

Tarka Terrors 296 Jesters 330

Taste The Rainbow N/A Bye N/A

Dodos 366 Rollers 374

Goodleigh Vipers 378 Pertys Playboys 357

Welcome back to love week lads, yes it’s Valentine’s this week so don’t forget the flowers for your loved one’s, Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Oh Giddy Ann, How did you do.

High Team scores, Oh my sweet potatoes covered in curry sauce, Bogeymen have done it again, they have knocked down 539 pins, with M Pow knocking down 104 of them wow, they just beat Loxhore by a 154 pins 385, then Barn Bombers have hit a lovely valentines week 504 to beat Fox Boys 492.

High Individual scores, 104 M Pow Bogeymen 23 17 17 16 16 15, 89 B Sims The Knights, 88 P Osment Fox Boys, 83 A Baker Shirwell, 82 S Morgan BBC Boys, 81 R Burge Mounties, D Evans Bogeymen, 79 R Smith C Team, 78 T Sanders Lionhearts, T Barthram King Pins, 77 M Phillips Goodly Knights, 76 S Gordon Thirsty Farmers, 75 G Mitchell Phoenix, 74 E Beer Exeter Bibbers, P Harris Old Guys Drule, 73 D Bryant Barn Bombers, M Symons Demons, P Jeffery Yarnscombe, 72 W Davie Stoke Stars, M Scoines Odds and Ends, R Fenn C Team, M Phillpotts Old Guys Drule, 71 K Houle Lovepants, C Harris Barn Bombers, P McEndoo Barnstaple Cc, M Rippon Hit Men, K Stribling C Team, N Davis Pin Heads, 70 M Passmore Kneaders Pairs.

High Spares, 25 A Snell Untouchables, 24 N Davis Pin Heads, 24 K Stribling C Team, 24 D Evans Bogeymen, 24 S Morgan BBC Boys, 23 T Sanders Lionhearts, 23 M Pow Bogeymen, 21 R Smith C Team.

High Recorded Rubs, 111 The Knight, 111 Bogeymen, 103 BBC Boys, 100 Demons.

Phoenix and Lumberjacks only played with 7 players which is why their scores are a little low.

Yes it is that time of the year again, if you have a Trophy, please can you hand it back to myself Shaun Fixture Secretary by the 4th March, please telephone first, just to make sure I am in, my telephone and address is on the front of your skittle books, Thank You.

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