Barnstaple & District Men's Skittles League

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Loxhore 415 Plough Pullers 418

Goodleigh Lads 408 Small and Tidmas 415

Mad Hatters 414 Goodleigh Perishers 435

Shirwell 461 Goodly Knights 427

Demons 450 Exeter Bibbers 487

Bogeymen PP Ringers PP

Dawns Extinguishers 401 Kneaders Pairs 346


Yarnscombe 413 Woodpeckers 394

Stoke Stars 494 Heroic Failures 443

Amen Corner 366 Barn Bombers 369

Odds and Ends 480 Muddiford Stars 427

Lovepants 427 Black Widows 429

King Pins 430 Nokkers 415

Nippitts 446 Fox Boys 451


Tawstock Rangers 469 No Hopers 378

No Beer Just Coke 478 Lumberjacks 480

Rockafellas 428 Rising Sons 423

A Team 411 C Team 386

Three Pigeons B 390 Barnstaple Cc 383

Newton Boys 436 Hit Men 382

Middlemen 391 Diplomats 363


Old Guys Drule 418 Pheasant Pluckers 414

Flintstones 389 Regency 442

Wing and a Prayer 426 Landkey Lads 379

Thirsty Farmers 448 Mounties 470

J R Terriers 445 Sarnians 422

BBC Boys 454 Crankers 422

Phoenix 405 Lionhearts 433

Mounties 478 Old Guys Drule 556

Flintstones 480 Phoenix 452


Raiders 396 X Men 436

The Knights 514 Plough Inn St 427

Ebberley Rejects N/A Bye N/A

Alley Moles 388 Untouchables 411

Jokers 438 Assorted Peanuts 446

Plough Boys 365 Tristars 390

Foxhunters 407 Loxhore Lynchpins 399

Sub Contractors 393 Hughies Heroes 376


Excels 462 Rollers 438

Castle Knights 492 Vultures 449

Country Lads 383 Jesters 381

Ebberley Arms 359 Pertys Playboys 431

Barn Bangers 419 Dodos 416

U S B C 387 Taste The Rainbow 353

Bye N/A Tarka Terrors N/A

Pin Heads 378 Goodleigh Vipers 375

Welcome back chaps, well this is the last game of the 1st half and for most of us the last game of this year, so I want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and new year, Ho ! Ho! Ho!

Highest Team scores, Oh my Christmas puddings with little elves coming out the top, Old Guys Drule have hit a merry Christmas 556 to put them clear top of division 4 they beat Mounties 478 who are now 2 points behind them, then The Knights have hit a Happy New Year 514 to keep them 2 points clear of division 6 they beat Plough Inn St.

High Individual scores, 92 R Balment Stoke Stars, 86 D Williams The Knights, 84 B Furseman and P Harris Old Guys Drule, C Walter Jokers, T Harley Excels, J Tapp Lumberjacks, 83 M Conibear Shirwell, 82 P Ridd Mounties, 78 M Partington Castle Knights, 75 M Moore Nokkers, J Ford Newton Boys, 74 P Ridd Mounties, M McManus Exeter Bibbers, K Popham Assorted Peanuts, 72 D P Kingdon Mounties, P Bennett Tristars, F Taylor Lumberjacks, 71 A Kingdon Exeter Bibbers and committee member, I Sandle Tawstock Rangers, 70 M Toms Fox Boys and committee member, S Hernon Old Guys Drule, D Stentiford Demons, S Hammett Black Widows, R Bowden Muddiford Stars, A Carter Rockafellas, D Payne Tawstock Rangers, G Jobbins and N Short Pheasant Pluckers, M Squire Sarnians, D Trick Landkey Lads.

High Spares, we have a maximum of 27 and that was scored by D Williams of The Knights, 26 M Toms Fox Boys and committee member, 26 R Bowden Muddiford Stars, 26 M Tucker Stoke Stars, 25 M Conibear Shirwell, 24 R Smith X Men, 21 M Dennis Amen Corner.

High Recorded Rubs, 112 The Knights, 105 Lionhearts, 101 X Men, 101 The Knights, 100 Tawstock Rangers.

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